PC Tune-Up Service

Why does my computer need a tune-up?

Your computer stores temporary files when you’re viewing Web pages and even when working on files in programs such as Excel and Word. Over time, these temporary files will increasingly slow your computer’s performance.

The system registry is a volatile database in the Operating System (Windows) that stores information about your software preferences, user profile, and hardware. When changes occur in your computer, the registry isn't always updated properly, so it can end up full of outdated, useless entries. These entries are a primary cause of system slowdown. Our PC Tune-up will remove this clutter, greatly increasing the speed of your computer

Internet Speed can be affected by incorrect system parameters, hidden software, and even your hardware. Hidden software programs can sap your internet bandwith without your knowledge adversely affecting your Web browsing experience. Our technicians will test your hardware, tweak your internet settings to optimize your high speed internet connection, and identify programs that may be "stealing" your internet bandwidt